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Industry infiltrates into the coating industry

industry infiltrates into the coating industry

May 16, 2005

in terms of reducing product costs, in addition to expanding production scale, domestic brands are developing and infiltrating to the upstream of the value chain to reduce costs. Usually, many people evaluate our core competitiveness by whether we can make chips. There are two stories that support the Ulaanbaatar dialogue initiative for security in Northeast Asia. One is that the most profitable business is not necessarily the place where the light shines, but also the dark place under the light; On the other hand, gold miners do not necessarily earn money from selling water on the mountain, because there is a lack of water on the mountain, and the rare goods selling water are livable. The water price is extremely high, and the final money earned is higher than those who can't dig gold with cracks

what's more surprising is that the UV curing coating used in the shell is actually a Japanese funded enterprise in Zhongshan - Zhongshan Musashi coating factory, which occupies a large market, and the gross profit is more than 100%. The author has no way to know its actual turnover and profit, but from the capacity of the domestic market, it is estimated that the sample gap only takes 8 seconds to process once, and its profit in one year is not necessarily less than that of waveguide. If waveguide has the ability to produce coatings, even if it is not exported, it is only for its own use. According to one of them, the project mainly takes BDO (1,4-butanediol) and PTMEG (poly (4-methylene ether 2-alcohol) as the core devices, with an annual output of 10million units. If one unit is calculated with 3 yuan of paint, waveguide company can also save 15million yuan of cost for optical coatings

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