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at the bus stop signs and bicycle rental points in the urban area of Hangzhou, 1200 points have been printed with a black-and-white two-dimensional code. By shooting this bus QR code, users can clearly know the surrounding traffic conditions, bus information, shopping sites, etc. - this is a case of urban informatization application in Zhejiang Province. With the promotion of urban informatization application of China Mobile Zhejiang company, users will enjoy more convenience in their lives

recently, I experienced the QR code business launched by China Mobile Hangzhou branch in front of a bus stop near Wushan Square in Hangzhou. The two-dimensional code on the stop sign is photographed (the two-dimensional code is a black-and-white rectangular array composed of specific geometric figures. Different two-dimensional codes record different data symbol information, which is a new generation of bar code technology). By taking this QR code pattern in, you can easily obtain information. I saw a map on the screen, which clearly marked the traffic conditions around the bus stop. When the screen is pulled down, you can browse and query all the line information passing through the station, how to transfer buses, establish an information service platform, and when the next bus arrives, etc; You can also check the information of nearby public bicycle rental points... In this way, even a tourist who has never been to Hangzhou can now pass through the QR code at any time in Hangzhou

in an ordinary household in Qinsen residential community on the North Bank of Ningbo, switches, air conditioners, water heaters, rice cookers and other household appliances are equipped with special modules. Even if the owner is not at home, you can also command by remote control: if you forget to turn off the light and fire, you can turn it off remotely to eliminate hidden dangers. Turn on the water heater and air conditioner before you go home to generate the 3D folded part from the 2D layer of the plane, and then you can have a cool breeze and a hot bath at home. This is due to the fact that more and more aircraft components have begun to use advanced polymer composites. Old adeka is a chemical supplier. Whether the child has come home and whether there are abnormal conditions at home can also be seen by connecting the camera at home. This is the smart home business of China Mobile Ningbo Branch. Ms. Zhu, the host, said with a smile, "now I'm not used to closing the curtains by hand. They are all closed by using or the remote control." It is reported that this business is still in the trial operation stage. It can spend thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan to transform some electrical appliances at home, so that we can live a smart home life

take bus or shopping with citizen card, and you can go out without wallet and credit card; The mobile helpdesk service allows the elderly to call the community with their hands-on services and even carry out first aid... These are only part of the application of urban informatization in our province. With the further spread of these applications, it will no longer be a call tool, but an important role in the life of Zhejiang people. Qianjiang Evening News

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