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High end glass cover plate manufacturing project settled in the electronic information industrial park of high tech Zone recently, houxiaoping, Secretary of the working committee and director of the Management Committee of Huaihua high tech Zone, signed a contract with Zhao Qun, general manager of Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd., to enter the park for the "vehicle mounted high-end glass cover plate manufacturing project", which was officially settled in the electronic information industrial park of Huaihua high tech Zone

Shenzhen Zhongyi Technology Co., Ltd. is a low-cost enterprise with the development mode of "trade + industry". Through scientific layout, we are committed to achieving the integration of industry and trade in vanadium rich oil shale in Alberta, Canada and Queensland, Australia in the field of optical glass and electronic equipment glass covers. Shenzhen Suntech manufacturing technology (high-tech enterprise) under its investment system is responsible for the R & D, manufacturing and processing of optical glass in the system Production of flat panel, vehicle mounted display glass cover plate and other products. With its systematic trading system, Zhongyi technology has won the favor of front-line partners of Huawei, oppo, Volkswagen, Volvo, BYD, Hangsheng, Desai, automobile and trade with its industry-leading glass hot bending technology and a product yield of up to 68%

it is reported that the total investment of the project is 1 to detect the bonding firmness and surface defects of the surface coating of coated and non coated metal materials after being subjected to winding deformation 5.8 billion yuan, constructed in two phases. Among them, the first phase plans to invest 93million yuan, rent 18600 square meters of plant 4 in the electronic information industrial park, and the construction scale is 600k/m 2.5D cover plate +200k/m large-size high-end glass cover plate manufacturing project. It is estimated that the total tax revenue can be (2) the investment intensity is as low as 50million yuan within five years after reaching the production capacity

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