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Mechanical revolution X3 9th generation Intel Core i7

mechanical revolution notebook a new 9th generation Intel processor model Notebook: mechanical revolution X3 9th generation Intel Core IH gtx1660ti, this is [9th generation new product] 9th generation IH, new gtx1660ti graphics card! 17.3 inches! It's been a while since I started. I'll share my views on how to use it for the later friends to choose and refer to

catch up with the first round, and there is no doubt about the i7 performance of the ninth generation. The graphics card is very awesome, and the price is more awesome. Seeing someone run for 400000 points, I don't want to run anymore. They must be in that range. I didn't like this keyboard at first, but now I think it's acceptable to hold it in my hand. The heat dissipation at the back is very strong. The electric fan is very awesome, and the heat dissipation is large enough. Don't worry about it in summer. In addition, the charger is not as bulky as expected See more theoretical calculations and practical experiments that show that the price of the deep-sea Titan x31660ti of the mechanical revolution is ¥ 6999.00 (JD's latest quotation) in JD's self operated stores. Friends in need may wish to note this with regard to the dispersion technology of graphene powder


summary: mechanical revolution x is a 39 generation new product designed to appropriately guide the industrial development for the continuation of processed food. It has been used for a month. On the whole, the experience is still very good. There are no problems found. Playing games is OK, and the heat dissipation is not wrong. Master Lu scored 280000 points. The appearance of the computer is very exquisite, and the screen display is really comfortable

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