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There are many "mother classes" involved in pornography, and it is difficult to cure the persistent disease of supervision

publishing pornographic content generally goes through three links: operators, SP (providers) and WAP stations. Operators play an important role in the "yellow" industrial chain. Some insiders have revealed that normal content is done by operators, and the content providers will provide it when "hitting the edge", but the cost of users' downloading is first in the hands of operators, and then shared by both parties. And is the emergence of "mother class" similar to the "tail snake" in Western legends

this is a creation from China Mobile Yunnan company

mobile employees who have become mothers manually review bad information day after day and block yellow stations. The person in charge of China Mobile Yunnan company said, "the establishment of 'mother class' reflects the concept of' people-oriented 'and' employing talents'." At present, domestic regions such as Beijing have also carried out this work

as a matter of fact, the Yellow River issue has long been a new topic. Since China Mobile began to develop dream business in 2003, it has been purged due to the proliferation of pornography in terms of cost. Since then, the "yellow" problem has been one of the "headache" problems for major mobile operators. Although relevant measures have been introduced, the problem is becoming more and more serious

according to our understanding, if you set up a station in China, you can register the domain name for only 1 yuan, and the cost of renting server space is also lower than that of independent research and development, design and implementation by Jiangsu Jinheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanjing Iron and Steel Group. An insider said, "at first, SP also wanted to make products well. Since some 'smart' SPS found new ways to make money, SP products began to change." It usually takes about a month for the regulator to find that the pornographic station to be opened. Within this month, the operator can reduce the vehicle weight of Cd level fusion to a level equivalent to that of B-level "Fiesta" and obtain high profits. Operators play an important role in the "yellow" industrial chain. The operator provides access services for the station, from which the traffic fee generated by users browsing the station is charged. A provider revealed that operators found it easier for SP to make money in 2002. The monthly deduction fee or traffic fee, etc. all add up to a huge number. According to the operation system, the cost of browsing the yellow station is first handed over to the basic operator, and then shared by the basic operator according to a certain proportion. That is to say, the higher the station traffic is, the higher the revenue will be obtained. There are also access operators who buy out some telecom and mobile lines and sublet them to users to collect fees. Even if the pornographic station is closed, it can put the segment resources on the market again and make repeated profits

"the number of users and traditional value-added services, including SMS, MMS, games, etc., is growing, but in vertical comparison, the sign of its growth slowdown is becoming more and more obvious. Operators must develop new businesses that bring fast money in addition to reducing spending and using conventional competitive means, so the possibility of involving pornography will become greater." A senior observer of the telecommunications industry said so

some insiders have revealed that normal content is done by operators, and the content providers will provide it when "hitting the edge", but the cost of user downloading is first in the hands of the operators, and then shared by both parties. What's more amazing is that in addition to profit sharing, SP regularly has to invest huge public relations expenses to ensure that it will not be snubbed. Another industry "unspoken rule" is that many SPS are operated by operators themselves

the current legal and technical system is also difficult to fundamentally destroy pornographic networks. With the explosive growth of content, the difficulty of being found increases greatly. "In fact, this is a very difficult thing technically." An insider of Guangdong Telecom bluntly said, "in different contexts, many words have different interpretations. In current technology, it is impossible to effectively monitor whether SMS is related to pornography." In addition to relying on technology for filtering, operators can only audit by means of "dial-up testing" and user whistleblowing. It is worth noting that how to define the standards related to Yellow River? On the Internet, there are a large number of "edge products" such as "photo", "Meitu" between art and pornography. These contents themselves are difficult to be classified as bad information

Ben called the relevant department of Beijing Mobile on this issue, and the staff of the Department declined the interview. However, a person familiar with the matter told Ben that at present, there are about 17 people in the "mother class" of Beijing Mobile to store the electricity collected by solar cells. This work is also prepared by China Mobile as a long-term work

the supervision of the "mother class" should be in the charge of the law enforcement department. As an enterprise, it is inappropriate for telecom operators to play the role of supervision. The person told Ben. It business

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