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Reading stirs up the publishing world, making it a three low distribution center.

paper defeats bamboo and silk, CDs eliminate tapes, and MP3 replaces walkman. The evolution of cultural communication carriers has not only brought about changes in the mode of communication, but also further changed people's way of thinking and lifestyle

a few years ago, when people lamented that more and more readers put down books and read in front of computer screens, I'm afraid they didn't expect that small books should become a new way of reading. The entire publishing industry has therefore felt the shock and impact of the digital era. Then the author didn't know that the works were uploaded. The reading base responded to the problem. The reason is that in the case of the writer's angry criticism of Baidu Library infringement, Lu Jinbo, the head of the private book company, once praised the leading leader of reading, China Mobile Reading base, for strictly protecting copyright, and all uploaded works are subject to copyright review by specially assigned personnel, Ensure the rights and interests of the genuine and the author

however, recently, some authors were surprised to find that their works appeared on the station of China Mobile Reading base, and they never authorized China Mobile

Liu Xiaobei, a young female writer in Jiangsu Province, found that her work Jiang Nuan appeared on China's mobile reading platform, and it turned out to be two versions. She asked Sina, the only one who authorized digital copyright, about the situation. Sina said it didn't upload it by itself. Liu Xiaobei said: I don't know who uploaded my book in an automated system now. Without my authorization, why can mobile sell the book? At present, the cost of downloading and reading the book each time is 2.58 yuan. As of the time of publishing, the reading volume of the book has exceeded 430000, and now there are more than 10000 new readings every day

in Liu Xiaobei's view, the copyright protection of China Mobile Reading base is not as perfect and strict as it claims. Liu Xiaobei once published a 4000 word short story in everyone magazine, and later appeared on the page of China Mobile Reading base. A mysterious work she wrote a long time ago, which has not been finished, was copyrighted by a company and placed on the reading base. I haven't finished writing, but the page says it's finished. After signing the contract with me, the company disappeared and never contacted me again. Liu Xiaobei said that my book was put on the reading base to pay people to download, but so far I haven't got a penny from China Mobile

similar to Liu Xiaobei, there are dozens of members of the Chinese character Copyright Association. Recently, the association has received complaints from dozens of members, saying that their works were downloaded on the China mobile reading platform at the same time, and they did not authorize China Mobile

Zhang Hongbo, deputy director general of the association of literary and art writers, said that the communication with China Mobile Reading base was not smooth. The reason is that the reading base believes that the copyright documents provided by the association are unqualified, and the contract between the association and its members does not contain the words of authorization and sublicense, which is an invalid contract. The Literary Association believes that the association and the author are in a trust relationship, and the association has the right to exercise relevant rights in the name of the association in accordance with the copyright law, the regulations on the collective administration of copyright and the regulations on the protection of the right to information network dissemination

Zhang Hongbo said that maybe their copyright contracts are aimed at publishing houses and cultural companies. They don't know that there are copyright collective management organizations, but now that we have issued documents, how can we deny our qualifications

according to the introduction on the China Mobile Reading base, the base has specific requirements for the copyright of works: first, the copyright documents of works are complete and the authorization path is clear; Second, it must have the right of complete information network dissemination and sublicense of the work; Third, the term of work authorization shall be at least two years, and the starting time of work authorization must be clear. The base requires all content providers and SPS to provide qualified copyright documents, otherwise they cannot access

the relevant person in charge of China Mobile Reading base admitted that the authors did complain to them, but firmly denied infringement. He explained that the authorization path of information network transmission right is relatively complex. Some authors a authorize B, and B authorize C, and a often does not know that C has obtained the authorization, so misunderstandings will occur. He said: in the process of multiple delegating, it also brings certain difficulties to our audit

he explained that Liu Xiaobei's same book appeared in two editions because China Mobile Reading base was authorized by Shanxi and Shaanxi publishing houses, which were authorized by one company. After investigation, the company was authorized by the author Liu Xiaobei. Liu Xiaobei may not know the sublicense path of his works

the person in charge said that China Mobile has always attached great importance to copyright protection, insisted on licensing before dissemination, and will actively solve the problems that arise. He said: for a small number of authors who have doubts about copyright, we welcome the majority of copyright owners to give feedback through our copyright complaint mailbox, complaints, and the Literary Association, so as to jointly safeguard the legitimate works and protect the rights and interests of authors

according to the person in charge, China Mobile Reading base has established four firewalls in the process of copyright review: first, before works are put into storage, content providers are required to issue copyright certificates and authorizations; Second, when the works were put into storage, he revealed that the company would strengthen the research and development of new materials and products, and review the copyright authorization path; Third, after the works are put into storage, establish a copyright information database to give early warning to the works whose copyright expires; Fourth, when the work is released, with the help of advanced DRM anti-theft technology, add protective measures to the content to prevent it from being reproduced and spread

why reading outshines others

the reason why modern people are popular in three aspects of reading is

to be fair, among many types of digital publishing, the copyright review of reading base is the strictest. It is precisely because the telecom operators represented by China Mobile have established a set of copyright review mechanisms, which have fundamentally solved the problem of copyright sources, that reading not only comes from behind, but also outshines others in digital publishing, and has become almost the only way for the majority of rights holders, from publishers to authors, to obtain real benefits from digital publishing

at present, the development of other types of handheld terminals, such as e-paper books, is not satisfactory. Because reading solves the copyright problem, it has convenient payment channels, and how much is it affected by the external macro environment? For this large user base, although it started later than e-readers in digital publishing, its development speed is explosive. According to the "China e-book development trend report" jointly released by China bookseller's newspaper and readbar, the sales revenue of reading in China reached 614.3 million yuan in 2010, an increase of 203% compared with 57.6 million yuan in 2009

it is reported that China Mobile Reading base has been officially put into commercial use for only one year, with more than 50million monthly visitors, and the monthly information fee income has exceeded 100million yuan for many consecutive months, of which the sales of the book with the highest income has exceeded 20million yuan in only one year. This base has developed into the largest digital reading platform in China

the amazing growth rate also directly stimulated the other two giants of the domestic telecommunications industry, China Telecom and China Unicom. Their reading businesses were launched and operated successively at the end of last year and the beginning of this year after intensive planning

on the whole, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with China Mobile. From the end of last year to now, the sales of our books in the reading base has reached 9million yuan. Qi Junhong, the head of digital publishing of the private Motian book company, said that at present, the company has uploaded more than 500 books. He analyzed that the fundamental reason why reading can outshine others is that it solves the problem of return. Publishers and authors can get money, while other forms of digital publishing are only bones without meat

in August this year, the writers' Publishing House paid a digital royalty of 1million yuan to writers for the first time, and its main source is reading from China Mobile. In 2010, the writers' Publishing House authorized 300 literary works to China Mobile Reading base, and earned a total of about 2million yuan in one year. Among them, the amount of royalties obtained by each writer varies according to the amount of his works downloaded and read. The highest income has reached more than 100000 yuan. The annual income of digital copyright of some writers' authorized works has been close to or more than that of their paper works

in fact, it is not book publishing institutions such as Mo tie and author publishing houses that benefit the most from reading, but original literature stations and SP service providers. Shanda literature, Chinese, popular books and other literature stations occupy the top several places in China Mobile's reading sub bill

the head of a literature station in Beijing that participated in the construction of China Mobile Reading base said that when the reading plan was first proposed, many people would ask a classic question: can you read books with such a small screen? At that time, no one really predicted that reading would develop a huge market of more than one billion yuan. He predicted that (reading) this business has opportunities of more than 10 billion. Now we have a good start, but it is only the beginning. The future world must be the world of digital publishing

he believes that this is because reading meets the reading needs of modern people to the greatest extent. He said that now people's pace of life is fast, so it is difficult to read for an hour or two in a calm manner, and we need to use fragmented time to read. The popularity of reading in bed, car and toilet is proof. It is convenient to carry and the reading experience is constantly optimized, which is the most convenient for readers

compared with publishing units, one of the major advantages of the literature station is that it has a large number of digital copyrights, and the uploaded works are as few as thousands or as many as tens of thousands, while the traditional publishing house is only a few hundred at most, which is difficult to form a scale effect. A large number of publishing houses do not put books on this platform. Now China publishes more than 300000 kinds of books every year, and there must be more books on this platform than on the literature station. He said that many publishers still have concerns, one is that they are afraid of affecting the sales of paper books, and the other is that the share ratio is not ideal, so their enthusiasm is not high

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