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No. 1 stolen operators should help stop losses

in the era of mobile Internet, our ordinary people keep company day by day. At the same time, there are more and more roast and disputes about the terms of business contracts

yesterday, the Shenzhen Consumer Council issued a review of unfair terms in the telecommunications industry, but it told us that many of the original overlord format terms violated the rights and interests of our consumers

operators shall not unilaterally change the tariff package

consumers often encounter unilateral tariff adjustment and contract cancellation. For example, if the operator issues the adjusted tariff, the new tariff standard will be implemented from the first day after the effective date of the announcement; Or the telecom company terminated the agreement in advance due to system upgrading, business adjustment and other reasons

comments of the Consumer Council:

first of all, since communication services are public basic services, if operators directly stipulate to terminate the agreement, it is obviously in violation of Article 26 of the consumer protection law, which stipulates that operators shall not use standard terms to make unfair provisions to consumers

moreover, the communication business or tariff is an important part of the telecommunication service agreement. If the telecommunication operator adjusts due to the upgrading of the system and business adjustment, it belongs to the change of the contract content. According to the contract law, the operator shall not unilaterally change the tariff package without legal reasons or the consensus of the parties

if it is used for less than one month, it should be settled based on the actual expenses.

many people have complained about it. When it is used for less than one month in the month such as downtime and machine resumption, the operator will directly charge the package fee for one month

this billing method means that consumers may only enjoy a small part of the services in the billing month, but they have to bear the package cost of the month, which is very unfair to consumers

comments of the Consumer Council:

it is suggested that when the consumer stops, resumes and uses the machine for less than one month in the same month, the expenses incurred should be calculated according to the non preferential unit price. If the expenses incurred exceed the total price of the package, they should be settled according to the total price of the package, and no refund is allowed; If the actual cost does not exceed the total package price, it will be settled according to the actual cost

stolen operators should help consumers stop losses in a timely manner

many people encounter or have their broadband accounts stolen after they are lost, resulting in the loss of property's powerful closed-loop control function. Is the operator responsible for the theft at this time

comments of the Consumer Council:

at present, some operators' terms involving the above content are too absolute, completely excluding the possible responsibilities of operators

the loss or theft of user numbers, communication cards, terminals, and broadband accounts may be caused by the customer itself, or by the operator's poor internal supervision or failure to take appropriate security measures. The operator must still bear the corresponding liabilities for the fault caused by the operator

secondly, when the operator knows that the consumer service password has been lost or stolen, the operator, as the manager of the telecommunications service, should take necessary measures to prevent the loss of consumers from further expanding. If the operator fails to fulfill the necessary management obligations, it still needs to bear within the scope of expanding the loss. For example, if the user is lost and the card is still customized, changed or terminated through the service password after reporting the loss, Operators also need to bear corresponding responsibilities

when sending business messages, operators should inform consumers of the way to reject them

many people have received advertising messages sent in the form of SMS, MMS, e-mail, etc., but the received messages do not tell the method to stop receiving, and it takes a lot of time to delete spam messages every day

comments of the Consumer Council:

according to the consumer rights and interests protection law, operators shall not send commercial information to consumers without their consent or request, or consumers expressly refuse; Business operators shall not arbitrarily expand the scope of use of consumers' personal information

therefore, consumers often receive business promotion messages sent by telecom operators in their lives, such as game traffic free downloads, third-party application software promotion, etc. such messages are commercial information. Some consumers have no demand for such services and do not want to continue to receive such information, but telecom operators do not clearly provide the party who refuses to continue to receive them when sending such commercial advertisements, and automatically calculate the maximum strength at the end of the test Upper and lower yield strength, ring method, gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, constant elongation strength at any point, constant load extension, modulus of elasticity, elongation, maximum value, minimum value, average value, net energy, total energy, tortuous modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, etc., which violates the "advertising law", Therefore, when sending business information, telecom operators should clearly inform consumers of the way to refuse to receive it in text messages

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