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There are hidden charges in the business. The "customized" service quietly sucks fees

"I haven't customized Unicom in the letter, but I'm inexplicably deducted fees", "Why are various businesses added again and again without my knowledge? I don't want to" be served " Yesterday was the hottest day since the opening of the evening news on March 15. In safeguarding rights, telecom consumption traps such as inducing consumption, cheating consumption, arbitrary charging, fee sucking, malicious ordering and difficult unsubscribing have been constantly complained by consumers. Among them, "Unicom Zaixin" ranks first in the black list of complaints because it is often inexplicably "customized"

who moved mine

originally "customized"

in yesterday's complaints, "customized" and "Unicom in the letter" have become the problems with the highest complaint rate. Consumers are very angry about this. An old man in his 70s said in, "my phone is only for receiving calls. I don't want to be served!"

"free trial" is a trick

you have no intention of him

Ms. Li: I was "customized" for the "Unicom Zaixin" service without knowing it, and the monthly fee will be deducted. There are really many cases of "being consumed" like this. Someone who once called Unicom's business personnel once called me to participate in the activity of "providing support for trading related services including warehousing, processing, finance and freight transportation for a month for free experience", saying that I would pay a return visit after a month, and I could cancel it if I didn't need it. But no one has paid a return visit at all. This business has also been "customized" and "charged". A month later, you may forget this matter unintentionally, but the other party deliberately did not pay a return visit. I don't know how much money this practice has cost users. The relevant departments should take good care of this phenomenon


should the fee be double refunded

Ms. Zhang: when paying the fee at the beginning of the year, I found that there was a "value-added business fee" on the list. After asking the staff, I learned that the business fee of "Unicom Zaixin" had been deducted, and more than 70 yuan had been deducted. We elderly people don't understand these at all, and we haven't ordered any services. Looking for whether the processing cycle is too long or too short to Unicom, the other party also admitted that it deducted the wrong amount, but the extra deducted fee was not refunded twice. Is this reasonable

"free download Xuanling"

how much do you charge

Mr. Zhai: I received a text message two days ago, which roughly means that Unicom launched the free download Xuanling activity. Welcome to call for a try. I was afraid of the trap of being deducted, so I called 10010 for consultation first. It turned out that only downloading is free, and there is a charge for playing the ringtone, which is 0.4 yuan per minute; It takes several minutes from typing and pressing the key continuously according to the prompt to listening to the ring tone. In addition, once it is downloaded and the punishment is incorporated into the enterprise integrity management system, it will be automatically "customized", charging 5 yuan per month. Fortunately, I didn't download blindly. There are traps everywhere

retired old people:

I don't need to be "served"

Ms. Lu: I have a Unicom Group card issued by my unit, which is quite cheap. After it can be used, it is always added to various businesses for no reason. First, without my knowledge, I was "customized" for "Ruyi discount". I sent text messages every day, and my life was particularly disturbed. I had to deduct 5 yuan a month. After I proposed, this business was gone. It didn't take long for the "call treasure" business to be added, with a monthly deduction of 2 yuan. I proposed to cancel the business, and the staff asked me to show my ID card. Why didn't they ask me to show my ID card when they ordered this business for me? 3. The main machine of hydraulic material testing machine should be prevented from showing its ID card during the handling process? I'm a retired worker in my 70s. I can answer calls. I never understand and have never ordered any services. I don't need to be "served", why impose it on me

many people were "customized" unknowingly.

Mr. Jiang: when paying the phone bill last October, he found that 5 yuan of "Unicom Zaixin" was deducted every month, which has been deducted for six consecutive months. "I have never ordered any" Unicom in the letter " Mr. Jiang complained to the customer service and asked for the refund of the deducted expenses, but the other party said that I agreed. I have never heard of this kind of business at all, nor have I ordered it

Ms. Jia: the day before yesterday, I went to the Unicom business hall to pay the fee, and found that other businesses were ordered, so I deducted 5 yuan per month. This kind of "customized" business without knowing is not once or twice, and it often happens. Not only me, but also many colleagues around me, as well as the weather forecast being customized...

expert analysis

Telecom charges

how much is hidden

Telecom consumption disputes have been the focus of complaints from consumers' associations and industry and Commerce 12315 in recent years. SMS fees ranging from a few cents to hundreds of yuan, especially SMS, RBT and other telecom value-added services, cast a shadow on many consumers. Wang Hui, chief of the post and Telecommunications section of the transportation branch of Shijiazhuang Administration for Industry and commerce, said that in recent years, with the strengthening of national rectification and supervision, the current rigid fee deduction methods have gradually decreased, but there are still illegal content application providers who force customization without user permission, and set consumption traps for consumers through hidden methods and continuous changes

trap 1: Shanzhai

built-in fee sucking software

built-in fee sucking software, fee deduction traps, etc. have become a hot phenomenon of consumer complaints

"I didn't use it, but I automatically used it in the middle of the night, and then I was deducted. What's the matter?" A reader called yesterday. According to insiders, many Shanzhai and some domestic brands have built-in content application provider fee absorbing software without the knowledge of consumers. When users use the built-in fee absorbing software, they are ordered at the touch of browsing, and even deducted fees when they are unaware of it, ranging from a few yuan to dozens or hundreds of yuan

trap 2: free inducement, secretly customized

free trial. After the trial period or preferential period, charges are charged without second confirmation or second reminder, which also makes many consumers "caught". "We are now carrying out long-distance preferential business, which is free within one month." As a result, at the end of the free period, some content application providers will call again to ask consumers whether they still need to continue to provide services, and some will directly order for users without even secondary confirmation; Some consumers give a vague answer without knowing the business, and the content application provider will also default that the user has chosen to continue customizing. 2 pages in total: 12 Yanzhao Evening News

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