Polypropylene pipes for hot and cold water in jind

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Jinde Jiangshan cold and hot water to transform the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently. The spot check of polypropylene pipes failed

according to the notice, Woyang County Industrial and commercial bank won the approval of the global plastic processing enterprises visiting the booth for the "created in China" power. The administration detected 17 batches of unqualified goods, including 8 batches of plates. The main problem is the unqualified formaldehyde emission project

Bozhou Administration for Industry and Commerce recently released the "Monitoring Bulletin No. 3 of Bozhou Administration for Industry and commerce". The formaldehyde emission of boards in Woyang County exceeded the standard

according to the notification, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Woyang County detected 17 batches of unqualified goods, including 8 batches of plates. The main problem is that the formaldehyde emission project is unqualified. It is understood that formaldehyde has a strong carcinogenic and cancer promoting effect. It is the main pollutant of decoration and furniture. Its release period is as long as 3-15 years. In case of heat and moisture, it will volatilize from the deep layer of materials, seriously pollute the environment, and do the greatest harm to the elderly, children and pregnant women

secondly, there are 7 batches of unqualified pipes, of which 5 batches are polypropylene (PP-R) pipes for cold and hot water, involving "Jinde", "Jiangshan" and other brands, mainly unqualified items such as light transmission and melt quality flow rate. In addition, the shape and size of two batches of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC (1) samples for building drainage produced by Jiangyin RiFeng Plastic Co., Ltd. are shown in Figure 2 (2), figure 2 (3), figure 2 (4) and table 2 (1), table 2 (2) -u) pipes, and the wall thickness and tensile yield strength are unqualified

in addition, it was marked that the content of sorbic acid in "Yuzhe" soaked red oil chicken feet produced by Huai'an aibiao Food Co., Ltd. exceeded the standard, and it was marked that the label of "Tetra Pak source" sour milk produced by Sino foreign joint venture Xuzhou Tetra Pak dairy beverage Co., Ltd. was unqualified

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