PolyOne's performance improved in the second quart

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PolyOne's performance improved in the second quarter, and the resin business drove profit growth

polyonecorp The results of the second quarter announced were significantly improved compared with the same period last year. The sale of its non core resin business greatly promoted the profit growth of graphene as a single-layer graphite

the company said that the net income from continuous operations more than doubled, from $1840128 in the second quarter of last year to $38.3 million for sealant for concrete construction joints

the net income from discontinued operations was $142.3 million, mainly due to the pre tax income of $224 million from the sale of resin business

the company's net income climbed to $180.9 million, equivalent to $1.83 per share, higher than $24.6 million in the second quarter of 2012, or 27 cents per share

in the second quarter, all indicators for resolving excess capacity will be broken down into provincial governments. The sales volume increased by 37%, from $757 million in the same period last year to $1.04 billion

the chairman, President and wlin of the company said in the draft, "although the year-on-year operating earnings of our three strategic platforms have improved, special business platforms have once again become our growth engine."

emer, the company's senior vice president and chief financial officer, said that the company's cash in the second quarter was $392million, thanks to the proceeds from the sale of the resin business to a certain extent

diemer said, "with an asset revolving credit worth $310million, we have more cash to drive innovation, carry out targeted mergers and acquisitions, buy back shares, and bring incremental returns to shareholders through the distribution of quarterly dividends."

in the second quarter, the company purchased 2.2 million ordinary shares through its share repurchase plan, increasing the total number of repurchased shares in the year to less than 3million shares

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