Polypropylene market is difficult to be optimistic

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Polypropylene market in October is difficult to be optimistic.

last week, the domestic polypropylene market price showed an insignificant decline of yuan/ton, of which the market price of wire drawing materials in Shandong and Ningbo was yuan/ton, and that in Guangzhou was yuan/ton; The market price of membrane materials in East China is yuan/ton, and that in Guangdong is yuan/ton; The price of domestic copolymer in East China market is 7000 yuan/ton, and the quotation of imported goods W: end width; 50: Total length; C: Length of middle parallel part; Yuan/ton, North China and Shandong markets yuan/ton. The outstanding reflection of the current market is that after the market price has reached a certain high level, the middlemen and downstream manufacturers obviously dare not take the goods since the epidemic prevention and control work began. However, in fact, whether the manufacturers, middlemen and downstream manufacturers, including importers, the spot inventory of polypropylene is not large, and the market supply is still slightly tight

the price trend of propylene monomer, the main raw material for production, is relatively low. The market price in Northeast Asia has fallen to about US dollars/ton (CFR). It is said that there will be ocean going ships flowing into Asia in October. At the same time, the polypropylene market is weak, making the propylene supply in Japan and South Korea increasing. After the propylene price fell, the market buyers immediately expressed doubts about the continued firmness of the polypropylene price, while the seller said that the quotation in September was unlikely to be adjusted, and was not sure about the quotation in October

current quotation of wire drawing materials: US $650/ton for Korean goods (CFR China), US $620/ton for Iranian goods (CFR China broke through the fixed thinking mode and concentrated efforts to mobilize resources East). The quotation of India rose to US $640/ton in October (CFR China); The transaction price of BOPP is 650 US dollars/ton (CFR China); The quotation of the copolymer is 680 US dollars/ton (CFR China), and the transaction price is 6 US dollars/ton, which turns 90 degrees to the left

on the whole, although there are not many resources in the wire drawing material market at present, after the domestic price continues to rise, the trade and downstream users are more and more cautious in taking goods. On the basis of their respective prices of yuan/ton, each manufacturer can still maintain basic shipments. At present, it is observed that if there is no major good news in the market, the market price of polypropylene will be adjusted slowly, but due to the long National Day holiday, the peak demand season will pass and other factors, the market situation in October is not very optimistic

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